Sunday, February 24, 2013

Ultimate Sunday

Great piece on ultimate at NYT with two great quotes:

"The sport is very popular in Canada. You know something is misunderstood when you look to Canada for a sense of identity"

"Playing well requires decisive choices on myriad hypothetical outcomes. Graduate students love the game."
I liked that it was grouped with a piece on poker. It is almost as if the NYT gets me.
 And good timing, too, this is the season of committing to teams for the summer league in Ottawa.  One of the best realizations once we moved here was how close our new house is to the sweetest fields.  The league here owns what was a farm, I guess.  So, they have a single purpose--hosting ultimate.  
 I will keep this short as I have errands to do before my mid-afternoon winter indoor game--tis 4 on 4 on a very small field.  Very different from 5 on 5 on a medium sized Montreal field.  Still heaps of fun.  The strange thing: some optics guy decided to create his own small indoor sports facility--the Oz dome.  Sure, we have to share it with soccer folks, but not too far and better turf than at my new university.
Enjoy your day--it would be better if it has some ultimate tossed in. 
Ultimate update:
My team just tied a team of juniors. These kids were absolutely phenomenal--great athleticism, played really hard, and really smart, they all (especially the girls) dove often. I gotta say I am glad the competition was not that sharp when I started or I would have rode the bench for much of my career. Damn, these kids are good.

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