Monday, March 18, 2013

F35 in Numbers

The F-35 is a wonder to behold.  Ok, the costs, not so much the plane:

Damn.  Ok, this raises a few questions:
  1. Which five states are not getting any F-35 money?  What does it say about their senators?  Hmmm.
  2. I wonder what the over/under should be on the total buy.  Cut from 2,852 to 2,443 so far.  I would have to guess that the over/under would be set at 2100.  And I would probably bet the under.  But if set at 2000, I might bet the over.  Hmmm.  Any guesses.
  3. I bet that the actual number of jobs is lower than 260k.  Why should we believe Lockheed on those numbers when every other number has been, ahem, revised?  
  4. Does the F-35 revise the old government calculation: a billion here, a billion here, soon you are talking about real money?

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