Friday, March 1, 2013

My Inner Geek is Outed

Ok, sequestering sucks and shows that American government is broken.  But it also demonstrates the joy of the nerd-dominated National Security community I follow on twitter.  How so?

Twitter went nuts when President Obama said he could not get the Republicans to do what is right because of his finite powers, that he could not do some sort of Jedi mind-meld!

He mixed his space franchises--Jedis may have Vulcan-like abilities, but the mind meld thing is of Star Trek.  So, this sent twitter on a wonderful spiral for awhile

 My contribution: "these are not the references you are looking for"

My favorites:

Some would say that Obama did know what he was talking about:

but if you pay attention to the "force meld" in the expanded universe, that is not what he was trying to convey today.

Still, good times.

Updated: Obama's White House realized what he did and grabbed it with both hands:

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