Sunday, March 24, 2013

Round Two, TFC13, Re-Match

I competed against Greg Johnsen last year in twitter fight club.  Despite being the lower seed (12 to his 5), I won and went on to ride the momentum to the elite eight.  Greg is a tough match, despite is ABD-ness, as he has a book that has gotten heaps of press, he does heaps of media and has 2x as many twitter followers as I.  Yemen must be really popular. 

Here is the tale of the Twape as provided by a reservist currently hanging out in Kandahar.  Thanks, Mark.
The competition is Monday (I am pretty sure).  My strategy?  Well, I can harp on his graduate student-ness like I did in the first round this year and last year (why do I get all the grad students?), but that seems a bit played out.  I have changed my twitter picture to a more competitive pose.  This is appropriate both because Game of Thrones kicks off next week and because my post at e-IR is getting some good notices. 

I will, as usual, pander to the judges (in the first round, one wanted puns and puns he got), deploy as much snark as possible, provide a heap of tweets so that the volume makes up for quality, and try to engage my followers as much as possible.  So, if you want to help me, ask me questions or send me links tomorrow (maybe Tuesday), so that I can prove how engaging I can be. 

I need a new war cry.  "Spoon!" is a bit played out as well.  "Winter is Coming" is a bit out of date.  "Winter is still here" is just not that menacing.  Pathetic and true, yes.  "For those with job security, arise!"  Hmm, that has potential.  Anyway, if you have suggestions for war cries, mottos, sigils, and what not, let me know.  The key is to vote and vote often.  The main site for TFC13 is here, and the new round of voting begins Monday at 9am-ish.

I will see you on the twitter battlefield tomorrow.  To the winner comes fortune and glory.  Ok, glory.  Ok, a bobblehead. 

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