Saturday, March 30, 2013

Twitter Fight Club 2013: The Finalest Fouriest

Yep, I made it to the final four in Twitter Fight Club 2013!  What are the secrets to my success thus far?  Well, without giving too much information away to help my adversary on Monday, I would have to say the keys thus far have been:
  • Avoiding some of the toughest twitters who got knocked out before I had to face them.  There were tough potential matchups.  For instance, @joshuafoust is quite a killer twitter fighter, but I did not fight him in the Elite Eight as he was flying during that day's competition.  The guy I did face, @azelin, was mighty tough, but Josh would have been brutal.  In my next round, I could have faced Ann-Marie "Having it all" Slaughter, which would have been tough as one of her books has more citations than my entire career's worth of work.  She is incredibly well known and did get into the pits with us for some twitter fighting.  Instead, I am facing @JimmySky, who I have followed for quite some time.  He has about the same number of followers and has blogged, so he is a familiar foe.
  • My day job is easier than other folks in terms of time management--I could spend heaps of time twittering this week because I had few meetings.  Other folks had serious time commitments.  It does mean I am behind in ISA preparations, but one has to have priorities.  
  • Experience: last year I faced several tough foes before losing to @will_mccants.  The battle with Will last year was a heap of fun (he was in town this week so we had a great time with a few folks during a meat-ful dinner), and he is a twitter fighter par excellence.  Indeed, he went on to win last year.  So, I grew stronger for the experience.  I also faced this year someone I beat last year, @gregorydjohnsen, so I was on familiar ground with that one.  
The funny thing is that I just wanted to make the Elite Eight.  This would tie my showing last year, and it would allow me to move on to my work.  But I am a competitive person, so I cannot throw a match, and there is much joy in success.  So, even though a win on Monday would put me in a final day of competition DURING the ISA, I will still go for the jugular.  Indeed, I have prepared a variety of tactics and tools to deploy.  I may still lose, but it will be an entertaining fight, perhaps one of the most entertaining matches of this tournament.

On Monday, vote for me! I will put the link here and also on twitter and facebook.  It will be my last chance at victory this year, as there can be only one winner of this contest and that is @texasinafrica.  She is the Lebron James of this year's tourney--can do it all, and if you get in her way, she will dunk on you.  Anyhow, do follow #tfc13 Monday and the Wednesday for the last two rounds of competition.  I will do my best to make Monday interesting, and if it works out, I will be tweeting from the San Francisco Hilton bar on Wednesday.

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