Wednesday, March 20, 2013

TFC13: Vote for Me

Today and tomorrow mark the first round of Twitter Fight Club 2013 (hashtagtfc13).  Vote for me!

I am facing a sharp guy, Ryan Evans, who was trained at King's College and is now in the DC area, working on a variety of National Security areas.  He is working on his dissertation, which continues the trend I faced last year--fighting the ABDs of the world.  Given my basic inclination to help such vulnerable folks, I have to fight my instincts and try to out tweet them with snark, with blogposts, and with silliness.

I blew a lot of material over the past couple of days due to my ire of Iraq, including a nice run of tweets yesterday borrowing the "you might be a redneck"with "you might be arrogant" while referring to all kinds of Rummy/Cheney/Feith/Wolfowitz arguments such as:

So, my strategy today?  Tweet early and often.  And ask my followers here, my friends on facebook and my twitter followers to vote, to vote and to vote some more.  My goal is to make the round of 16, which means beating Ryan and then beating a competitor from last year.  But more on that if I get past the first round. 

Yes, it is a huge waste of time, but not just good fun--I met a lot of interesting folks this way and expanded my universe.  Enjoy the jousting!

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