Monday, August 12, 2013

BB Game After Blood Money

The game is afoot!  Check out the state of the Breaking Dead game below the break:

Ok, no one died, but we still have some progress in the game.  We have several characters who now qualify for being alive .... if they make it to the end.  We also have some dynamics that suggest increased risks of mortality.

First, besides the main characters, we saw Lydia, Badger, Skinny Pete, Huell, and Saul, which means that they are all possible points-gainers if they stay alive.

However, some appearances suggest limited lifespans.  Lydia, as a nervous wreck, being boxed in, screams to me (if not to Mark, who drafted her) that she is dead woman walking.  The good news for Wendy is that Skinny Pete does not seem to be in danger, but that can change.  The bad news for Will is that there are no points for comic Star Trek fan fiction, or else Badger's teleportation pie story would have given Will a near insurmountable lead.

Saul seems to be just as nervous and amusing as always.  Sure, there are tales of the spinoff, but that could all be just a rouse.

I am more convinced that Skylar may face some real threats--her house is destroyed in the future and she is willing to confront those who want Walt back into the business.  

That Jesse is so messed up might mean that Group leader (Jere Burns) may still show up, so that is a good sign for Caitlin, off-setting the Skylar endangerment potential. 

The big questions, of course, are very uncertain.  We don't have any real idea whether Hank or Walt will win the confrontation, but we know it is "on" as there is no ambiguity about each guy knowing about the other guy.  Jesse needs to pull out of his depressed state if he is going to be a force to be reckoned with, and I cannot imagine Vince Gilligan not giving Jesse some interesting agency towards the end. 

Too bad no one drafted the neighbor, Carol, who does seem to make it to the end ;).

Anyhow, I am off for my last day of vacation.  Tomorrow, I drive home and then watch the episode again--it was soooo good.

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Wendy said...

Watching it again now. :)