Monday, August 19, 2013

Breaking Bad Game Buried Update

Holy cow, this show is on the fast track!  Below spoilers await as I consider the implications of last night for the Breaking Bad dead pool:

Alas, poor Declan, we hardly knew him.  He seemed so smart, so tough, but given how he caved last fall by following Walt's command to call him Heisenberg, perhaps Declan was not so bright.  Sure, he wore the correct shoes in the desert (unlike Lydia), but he clearly did not have his guys do enough work to make sure Lydia was not tracked or followed.   Not to mention taking her to the lab.

So, Will McCants is the first but certainly not the last to lose one of his draftees to the fickle fates of the BB writing staff.  Other than that death (and bodies beside Declan), the only status changes in our draftees is that Todd  and Steve Gomez showed up.  It means that Kristy could get points if Todd is not killed in the next six episodes.  On the other hand, Todd's involvement does seem to be just a little bit risky.  Steve Gomez is the sneaky smart end of the second round draft pick that should pay off.

Indeed, my on-going argument with Mark about Lydia's lifespan got some more fodder, as she is being pro-active, but I cannot help but think that this is going to get her killed, especially if she keeps wearing inappropriate shoes to war. Sure, you bring a gun to a knife-fight, but high heels to a desert shootout?  Nope.

Chip was probably a little worried that Marie and Skylar would drop Holly on her head.  Is Holly safer at Chez White or at the purple abode?  I would guess the latter if only we have seen in flash-forwards what happens to the former.  I could only think of a very old Saturday Night Live sketch about the use of a stunt baby in the making of a movie. 

Noah seems to be looking good right now, as Jesse's appearance in jail suggests that he might be safely put away from the violence.  On the other hand, Walt has been able to get people in prison killed.

Brandon might have had some dark visions of Belize last night, as Walt threatened to send Saul there to hang out with Mike.  Oh my.  But Saul continues to be indispensable, getting his trusty guys, including Huell, to help move the $$.  Notice that Huell only rested on the money, and did not take much.  Walt seemed to be ok with some pilfering, but did not trust anyone to see where he was going to stash the money.

Speaking of Walt, he is not looking to healthy.  Next time, remember to bring some water out to the desert when you want to bury or unbury your cash.  Hydration is very important.

Marie's strong desire to see Walt put away does not bode well for her.  She could easily do something that gets her in harm's way.  The family Lambert is a bunch of risk-takers, as Skylar makes decisions here that seem to put her in greater danger.  Siding with Walt, not taking the get out of jail free card that was being handed to her, and all that?  Skylar has gone all in.  And when you play no limit hold em poker in a tournament, you either win or you are eliminated. 

Still no sign of Andrea, Brock, Gretchen, Bogdan, Lawson, Ted, Group Leader, or Old Joe. 

Other highlights of the episode: more Walt in tighty white-ys, the multiple near death experiences of the remote controlled car, my expectation that the guy in the teaser picking up the cash was going to get killed by a neighbor for taking other people's loot, Hank blowing it with Skylar at the diner but his comeback in his smooth talk with the ABQ cops, and the conversation Hank has with Marie about the future of his career.

Did I miss anything?

All I do know is that the show is accelerating and I expect much to happen very quickly.  It is an excellent ride thus far, and I only expect it to get better still.

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