Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Speculation Bad!

Check out this theory  (thanks Chip).  Suggests that a certain youngster may not make it to the end of the game.... or perhaps a couple of folks.  And here as well for more fun theories.

Spoilers below

I find the first one a bit more interesting than the others--that Walt takes a bit of the habits or tendencies of those he kills.  Unless he runs them over?

Speaking of which, what are folks' favorite BB episodes?  Bill Simmons asked Chuck Klosterman on their largely BB-focused podcast (do note that they address this dynamic as well) this question.  They talked about the train heist episode, the end of Gus episode, the fly episode, and a few others.  I think mine might be the one where the cousins come after Hank.  Of course, my favorite one is probably the penultimate episode of the series, if the patterns of the Wire and Mad Men play out here.

What say you?

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Chip said...

just have to hope Walt survives and Jesse is the last one to die!

very hard to pick a favorite episode... I think one of my favorites is when the old uncle with the bell lures Gus into his room and they both get blown up -- though I think that shot with Gus coming out of the room was a bit over the top.