Thursday, August 8, 2013

Breaking Bad Dead Pool Game: the Tie Breakers

As the new season of Breaking Bad is almost nigh, it is time to unveil the tiebreakers proposed the various Breaking Bad dead pool game contestants.  The idea here is that each player had to name the person they think will be killed last in the series, by whom and how.  But before that, how about an Honest Trailer (chock full of spoilers):

The list is below, with perhaps a comment or two:

Player Last Victim Killer Means
Noah Walter White Walter White Chemical
Brandon Skylar White Todd Gun
Rob Walt  White, Jr. Todd Gun
Rodger Walter White Law Enforcement Gun
Chip Jesse Pinkman Walter White Gun
Kristy Walter White Walter White ?
Caitlin  Walter White Hank Schraeder Gun
Will Walter White Hank Schraeder Gun
Kelsey  Hank Schraeder Walter White Gun
Wendy Walter White Jesse Pinkman Ricin!
Sara Jesse Pinkman Walter White Bare hands
Matt Walter White Lydia Rodarte-Quayle Gun

So, the consensus seems to be Walter White to be killed at the end of the series.  Seems likely, of course.  The question then is who with Hank and Walter White (suicide) equally popular.  Chekhov's ricin is Wendy's choice.  Not sure the ricin will wait that long but it has got to come up at some point, right?  Noah might be hinting in the same direction.  Rob posts the darkest possibility--the most innocent casualty.  I think the longest odds would be Lydia killing Walt since, well, Lydia is pretty damned doomed. 

While I think Hank killing Walt would be an appropriate payoff, that seems too predictable to me.  The big question, of course, is whether Walt would go quietly when confronted by the law--would he not want to be embarrassed or be arrogant enough to think he could beat the charges?

We live in interesting times with only eight episodes left.  All I know is that the reviewers are ga-ga over the next one.  The good news is that my hotel at Lake George has AMC and the dinner that night seems to be scheduled early.  I will either post that night or the next day to update the Breaking Bad pool as any deaths could change who has got a chance in the game.


caidid said...

I think the ricin kills Holly, I just don't think it's the last death.

...Too dark?

Steve Saideman said...

Probably not. The show is dark, so your idea is fair game.