Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Declaring Skiing Success

Declaring success has become a theme here at the Spew, and since the past few days have been  a  bit more strident here, I thought I would post a happier, more positive take today.

Why woot?  Because I spent yesterday skiing at Copper Mountain, my first Colorado ski experience and my first rockies skiing in more than 13 years.  No champagne powder, but heaps of sun, only one liftline of more than a minute all day, good camaraderie (Cullen Hendrix is an awesome host), and only a few spills into the snow.  I am in Denver for a talk on the book, but scheduled a day to ski because.... I could. 

My skiing form?  Very rough, as only skied once last year and not at all this year.  I am also not used to endless slopes or figuring out how to ski down a bowl (a first for me).  But I had success because it was great fun, I didn't hurt myself or anyone else, and I even got to hear artillery fire (this is done to manage avalanches).

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