Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Quick Hits (and Misses)

Last night/this morning was an especially interesting time for those who tweet IR.  Sure, folks should have been listening to my long radio hit on the BBC (all of three minutes maybe?), but instead, we saw:
  • Dan Drezner use an inspired comment from class about how Kant would be a lousy boyfriend to come up with #IRBreakups.  Yep, he and other IR folks (including myself) came up with what various IR theorists would say as they break up their relationships. 

  • Folks started to discuss whether Sam Huntington was truly awful or just an average grand theorist.  I, of course, wrote that Huntington was awfuler than even the worst normal grand theorists.
  •  Michael Ignatieff is doing his best ... Sarah Palin, I suppose.  He continues to write op-eds that generally suck, despite losing heaps of street cred for damn near destroying his own party when he demonstrated the maxim: those who can't, teach.  So, he wrote a particularly awful piece for the NYT about the need to use force (in a particularly ill-informed way) in Syria.  It led to this twitter exchange between Dan Drezner and myself:

Anyhow, a fun evening to tweet silliness about international relations.  Of course, catching up on TV might have been a better use of time, but my family was watching an old teen wolf so I could not see the end of the latest True Detectives.

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