Saturday, February 8, 2014

KC Rocketh

As I await the ride to the airport, I thought I would review my trip to Kansas City.... it rocks.

Sure, it was really cold, but I am used to that.  The department at the U of Missouri at Kansas City is chock full of young, fun profs led by a friend of mine from grad school.  They were excellent hosts with heaps of humor, sharp questions about my research, and enjoyed my tales about their chair.

The students had a range of experiences so they asked very good questions.  They were quite engaged in the stuff I was presenting.  Indeed, when I guest lectured in the International Security class, I was not told when the class was supposed to end, so we went long.  And no one started to pack up and leave.  Perhaps they were afraid of the new guy.

The beer was excellent, the Raphael hotel was very nice.  I wish I had some time to do some of the museums (Negro Leagues, Jazz), but I am hustling back home to prepare for Monday's class.

If you get an invite to come to KC, especially to the UMKC poli sci dept, you have got to say yes. 

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