Monday, February 3, 2014

Super Bowl Ads Are Super This Year

This year, I missed the ads for two reasons: the usual one of Canadian feeds being denied the juicy goodness of new ads with heaps of production values; and a new one--poker during the game! 

Thanks to the internet, I got to see some of them, and here is my completely unnecessary take:

As a child of the 1970's and 1980's, how could I not love this ad:

My fave:

Why? Because not only does it celebrate THE fundamental American value--that we are all immigrants (except for the Native Americans) and that ours is a civic nationalism (most of the time), but also because it caused heaps of xenophobes to out themselves as the dumbasses that they are.  The United States is not perfect, but it remains the draw for so many people seeking a better life. And that says something, even in these polarized days.  Also, it shows that Coke understands demographics better than the Republican Party.  Woot!

And speaking of cuteness triumphing over racism, I gotta say woot! to this as well:

I love that the Super Bowl is displaying American capitalism at its best.  Turns out racism might just be a bad strategy and celebrating diversity might be a winning one.

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L'il Steve said...

My favorites, too! Especially Radio Shack.