Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Top Ten Indeed

There is way too much effort to rank and re-rank schools.  However, this is one ranking that should be quite educational: the schools that get the most donations.
1. Stanford University ($931.57 million)
2. Harvard University ($792.26 million)
3. University of Southern California ($674.51 million)
4. Columbia University ($646.66 million)
5. Johns Hopkins University ($518.57 million)
6. University of Pennsylvania ($506.61 million)
7. Cornell University ($474.96 million)
8. New York University ($449.34 million)
9. Yale University ($444.17 million)
10. Duke University ($423.66 million)

No real surprises here, but I would suggest that some of the rich alumni of these schools throw their cash around a little more widely.  Stanford and Harvard really do not need a bigger endowment, for instance.  

I don't mind at all, of course, folks giving to colleges and universities, as these are great multipliers.  But ponder a bit about schools that might be just a bit more needy than some of these.  

And this counts as my socialist, share the wealth post of the year.

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