Sunday, January 4, 2015

2015 Predictions: Silliness Edition

Brian McFadden of the NYT has a fun view of 2015:
Ok, make that a relentlessly negative few.  I am not so sure about all of these predictions, especially at the bottom except I am very much not looking forward to the obsessive focus on Iowa and New Hampshire that comes with the approach of a Presidential election.

There are many broken things in the American election system, but the importance of these two states is among the most broken AND the most fixable.  All it takes is gumption for either/both parties to revise their schedule so that these two marginal states go back to where they belong--on the margins.  The role of money? The insistence by one party that mythical voter fraud should allow for disenfranchising the poor, the young and minorities (#voterfraudfraud)? The harshness of the process that may deter good candidates?  These are all hard, but temporarily pissing off two entitled states?  That is actually pretty easy.  But politicians would need to cooperate and not be gutless.  So, IA/NH will remain overly important.  So messed up.

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