Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Reading Assignment for Canadian Defence Fans

Today, those of us who follow Canadian defence issues have a new reading assignment.  It is another batch of informed reason from Dave Perry, with a wonderful rollout by the CDAI folks and the McDonald-Laurier Institute with stories in the news.

I have not read it yet but will so soon. The highlights as presented in the media include:
  • a series of governments has gutted procurement expertise, 
  • this has meant slower and dysfunctional procurement, 
  • asking people to do much more with less staff is broken,  (see my post on dismissing what govt workers do)
  • the Canada First Defence Strategy is dead (again). 
I may have reactions later today when I get to the document.  It is already clear that this should be assigned reading for the government, but that would require having enough staff so that people can actually read stuff.

Here is my research assignment for anyone/everyone:
All democracies seem to have trouble with defence procurement.  Does Canada do it worse?  Are there are common problems or is every democracy a snowflake with its own uniquely messed up procurement processes?

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