Friday, January 16, 2015

Online Media Caucus, 2015 ISA Meeting

The effort to develop a caucus at the ISA dedicating to Online Media continues.  The proposed caucus will be considered at the Governing Council meeting on Tuesday of the ISA this year.  I have not received any signs that this will not go through.  Consequently, we are having our first business meeting on Saturday, February 21st, 12:30pm in the Hilton's Elmwood room.  The meeting will sketch out the plans for the next year and seek advice/feedback on future activities.

For your reference, the key documents for applying to be a new caucus are here: the justification and proposed charter. Also, the officers of the OMC for the first year are:
  • Chair: Steve Saideman, Carleton University
  • Vice Chair: Amanda Murdie, U of Missouri-Columbia
  • Officer: Christian Davenport, U of Michigan
  • Officer: Bruce Jentleson, Duke University
  • Office: Laura Seay, Colby University

Two other OMC-relevant events at the ISA (let me know if there are others) are:

Presidential Theme Panel - How Much Freedom In Too Much Choice? Reflections On Academic Freedom And Social Media
TC30 on Thursday, February 19th at 1:45, Hilton Grand Salon 7:
 This Round Table is an attempt to have a conversation around issues of academic freedom and the popular use of social media. University education is expected to uphold norms of democratic citizenship and freedom of expression is a critical aspect of it. Academics use the social media to communicate their ideas to a wider audience, to research and teach and most importantly to raise concerns about institutional practices and other matters of public concern. However, there are also concerns about how much freedom is enough or rather what kind of responsibilities underpin that freedom especially as social media provides opportunities of wider engagement and influencing public opinion. While taking cognizance of the legal guidelines about what can or cannot be revealed in the social media, institutions that fail to defend academic freedom, undermine democratic participation in times when it is most needed. The participants in this Round Table, drawing from their own experiences of being active social media users, reflect on the larger question about academic freedom and the possibilities and challenges in the world of social media.

The Duckies!  IR Blogging Awards and Reception, Sponsored by Sage and Duck of Minerva
Thursday, February 19th, at 7:30pm, Hilton Quarterdesk A&B Ballroom

Meet other folks interested in blogging, check out a few presentations and the awarding of Duckies to the best blogs of the year.

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