Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Bring Out the Dead!

I guess I am easily annoyed these days, but when I saw this tweet, I could only Spew:

My immediate reaction:
* Which produced a twitter follower recommending this Carol Burnett song.
To be fair and accurate, there are all kinds of undead, not just zombies.  So, for guidance, perhaps we should consult the Liches, Wraiths, and Ghouls* from Republican Administrations past as we ponder the future of the United States.
*  It has been a long time so I barely remember the D&D categories of undead.  Liches might make the most sense here: "Unlike most other forms of undead creatures, the Lich retains all of the memories, personality, and abilities that it possessed in life — but it has a virtual eternity to hone its skills and inevitably becomes very powerful."  See here.  Sounds like Kissinger to me.
 I am pretty sure that Oliver North is available, so why not dig him up and ask him questions?  Where is Eliott Abrams?  Hey, if we need to dig up old GOP foreign policy folks, how about Scowcroft (same cohort as Kissinger but without the arrogance and far fewer war crimes)?

There are two problems with this proposed hearing:
  1. US world leadership?  This is likely to be bait for discussion about how the US is retrenching or pivoting or not leading enough.  How many wars must the US be fighting at one time to qualify for being "sufficiently engaged" and not "isolationist"?  Because I am pretty sure we are over whatever threshold that might be.  If it is not just about war, then how about the US being engaged in hard bargaining with Iran, reinforcing the allies near Russia, leading the sanctions on Russia, bargaining with China, and on and on.  One can take issue with Obama's foreign policies (and should), but any discussion of US leadership is likely to be asking for more... more.... um, more leadership.  Whatever.
  2. Kissinger?  Besides the fact that the man is OVER-RATED and always has been, what fresh perspective does he provide for 21st century international relations?  That we should play Russia and China off of each other like he did so long ago?  Got it.  What else?  

So, I ask my readers three questions today: which undead creature would you want to testify to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee?  Which Republican would you prefer to wake up or dig up?  And what topic would you want the committee to examine?


Anonymous said...

Jon Huntsman on China and North Korea.

Steve Saideman said...

That would be an excellent suggestion and wildly out of character of this Senate apparently.

Anonymous said...

Kissinger on the ICC and the reanimated corpse of Nixon on international corruption.