Thursday, January 8, 2015

Twitter Danger Du Jour

What a wonderfully deceptive title!  No, twitter is not dangerous, but it can be frustrating.  How so?

Well, if one enters a conversation and then tries to leave, one may find one's notifications filled up for days with people responding to the earliest part of the conversation.  I chimed in on a discussion about collective guilt yesterday in the aftermath of the attack in Paris, and then realized it was something I didn't want to talk about.  But the folks who read the first few messages keep replying to them so they keep popping up in my notification feed. 

This is not a huge problem as I can try to ignore these folks in my feed.  But I am easily distracted.  Will I learn from this not to chime in on a conversation unless I am in it for the long haul?  Absolutely not.  My tweeting is filtered but only slightly, so I don't think and re-think every twitter conversation as I am about to enter them.

For those with more restraint and patience, this may not be a problem.  For me, today, I am annoyed at myself.  Oh well.  A minor 21st century problem at best.

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