Friday, July 31, 2015

How to Lose Thirty Years Without Much Effort?

Ta da:
Why did I shave off my beard?  'Lil Steve wants to know.  And since this blog has always been an outlet for my narcissism, Spewing about my shaving seems like the least I could do.

The timing seemed right:
  • I just hit a near-round number so I wanted to see what I look like in my youngest form possible (that is, without doing the necessary dieting and exercise to get me back to my wrestling weight class of old);
  • I had arranged a small party with my family (including Displaced Intern Spew!) and friends to celebrate both Steve-fest and the passing of the Canadian Citizenship test.
    • The last time I set up an event on the same day as a test was when I had my first car date the evening of the day I took the test to get my driver's license!  I am pretty sure that my relationship with Canada will work out better than my relationship with that young lady.
    • My Ottawa friends had never seen me sans beard so it was fun to watch their reactions.
  • I am going to be seeing my mother soon, and she prefer her baby to not have gray all over his face.  Makes her feel younger.  So, the very least I can do for her.
So, 'lil Steve, that's the story.

Oh, and the two-fisted drinking?  I love a good sampler at a brew pub, especially when they let me choose the four to six beers that go into the sampler.  Thanks, Mill Street!  If only their schnitzel came on a stick!

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