Monday, July 13, 2015

Testing, eh?

Last fall, my family finally did the paperwork to apply for Canadian citizenship. When we were looking to leave Montreal, our options were pretty open.  Moving to Ottawa meant a commitment to Canada... hence the application.  The mail to set the date for the exam came more quickly than expected with a shorter timeline: we take the test in two weeks.

When I reached out to my friends, their help was amusing and sometimes helpful (thanks, JTL). 

So far, I have been informed that the test contains some skills that are not mentioned in the guide, and as well some answers:

Skills tests:
  • "The best part of test is undoubtedly when you have to write five polite responses to American jokes about Canadian stereotypes." (thanks, KA) 
    • I believe the answer is always "sorry".
  • There is a French component (JTL is not always helpful). 
    • Mais non!
  • Be able to sing O Canada (thanks, SGS)
    • I know the beginning and end. Can I hum the middle?
  • The hands-on canoe skills part of the exam is pretty tricky. (thanks, LN)
    • As long as I don't have to be in the same canoe as my wife, I think we can both pass. 

Sticky issues:
  • Crown stuff.  I cannot let Phil Lagassé down!
  • I don't really sing well, so hopefully the singing test is just about getting 2/3s of the words right. 
  • Have to remember that the US was the bad guy in the War of 1812.  And I probably should not mention a tweep's theory that Phantom Menace was based on this war.
  • Upper Canada and Lower Canada are not what you think....

Answers (when in doubt):
  • Maple Syrup
  • Hockey
  • Wayne Gretzky
  • eh?
 The good news is that we might end up being Canadians by the end of the year (and remain Americans).  We will be too late for this election, which might be a good thing.  Oh and jury duty!

Of course, we will take any additional advice, hints, suggestions as we cram for the next two weeks. 


Anonymous said...

Waiting for a post on the Iran deal

Steve Saideman said...

You will have to wait a while. I am trying to get an article finished this week. Figuring out the Iran deal requires me to do some reading. My initial take is: agreement is better than war.