Sunday, June 11, 2017

Beer Museum? Check

I spent much time in October in the Ebisu district of Tokyo, as I was a visiting fellow at the Air Staff College located there.  As it turns out, that area and the train station were named after .... a beer company.  And the beer company, Yebisu was named after the God of Commerce, Fishing and ... stuff.  Anyhow, as an early Father's Day, I enjoyed the visit and got some merch.  Oh, and some sampling, of course.
Yebisu Garden Place: shopping
and some cool architecture

Yesibu Garden Place

The military regime did much damage including
banning named beer.

The view from the lobby of the
Yesibu Beer Museum

Happy Early Father's Day to Me
At the time the company started,
a beer cost as much as 10 bowls
of soba. So, not a popular drink

The symbol of the company: God of Beer

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