Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Harry Potter's 20 Years Old

Where it all started: one of the places JK wrote the first books
They did a great job with Hogwarts at WWofHP
Well, Harry is much older by now, but the first book came out June 26, 1997.  Woot!  As readers here know, I am pretty obsessed with Harry Potter.  Not only have I ranked the books, reviewed the movies and even read the play (College Spew could see it in London, but I have not), but I see the books as presenting a philosophy of life I can believe in

Sure, some folks crap on the series and say we should not refer to it when engaging in resistance, but I say nay to that.  Indeed, the series has become so burnished into our collective imaginations that countries will compete in accusations about who is on Voldemort's side.  And I have found it very handy for making analogies for IR including alliances.

Butter beer FTW! (Frozen is the best)

HP will be of enduring value even if only for the citations.  I am not sure how long I will use it in my teaching, but it will play longer than most pieces of pop culture as each generation of kids will be re-introduced. Which means more endless debates about who should have ended up with whom: I am on TeamGinny.

Also of enduring value?  Butter beer!  Not to mention Harry Potter tourism.  We can't wait to go back to HP world, which was great even before it got expanded.  Oh, and perhaps one of the greatest contributions of HP?  We have JK Rowling as the twitter fighter extraordinaire.

Edinburgh cemetery with some names that inspired JK

 Oh, and my most with the most hits is thanks to HP since one of my first posts addressed the house selection thing.

On my way to Hogwarts!

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