Friday, October 20, 2017

Always Tis What You Do: GOP edition

I am a Potter-ite as I have said many times, with the key creed being:
It is our choices ... that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.  Chamber of Secrets.
While I have been traveling (and not yet gambling) this week, I have missed the chance to spew about much stuff.   So, I have a hot take or two:
  • We really should not be surprised by Kelly lying about Congresswoman Wilson.  Kelly was awful at DHS, amplifying or encouraging or at least not mitigating the Muslim ban way back in February.  Under his administration, ICE felt unshackled to engage in all kinds of awful tactics against people who presented no threat to the US.  And then he chooses to lie and attack rather than apologize for his master's inability to convey any empathy.  So, yeah, tis your choices, John Kelly. [I do thank him for presenting yet more evidence that there are too many ex-generals in this administration]
  • Lots of talk of George W. Bush subtweeting Trump in his speech critical of nativism and protectionism.  That is a choice and a good one, but then again, he also showed up to campaign for a truly awful candidate for governor in Virginia.  Maybe we ought not expect Bush to criticize GOP candidates, but he did choose to support him.
  • McMaster?  He keeps on talking about denuclearization and military options, which is scaring the crap out of me.  Because a war with North Korea, the only way to denuclearize NK, would be catastrophic for South Korea, Japan, North Koreans, and, oh, yeah, the international economy.  He also keeps showing up on TV spinning for Trump--another choice that is harmful especially for civilian-military relations since he is still an active member of the US Army.
  • Mattis says we shouldn't be asking questions about the Niger ambush?  Oversight of the military is not just your job, sir.  It involves Congress, and because Congress operates via fire alarms (they wait for someone to report a problem and then respond), the media play a vital role in civilian control of the military.  I continue to think Mattis is overrated because he is better than the rest.  That ain't saying much these days.
  • Trump?  His choices continually suck.
We know the character of the folks in this administration.  Maybe some day, we will find out that Kelly, Mattis and McMaster prevented worse things from happening, but I can't really count on that. All I see are the choices they make, and that tells me enough.

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