Monday, October 9, 2017

Texas Tech and Guns

I finished watching some fun TV to find that there has been a shooting at Texas Tech, where I taught from 1995-2002 (well, until 2001, but was technically still employed until summer of 2002).  We don't know much yet, but I can't help but think about a few things:
  1. The Texas legislature decided to allow guns on campus despite the opposition of university police departments across the state and, well, common sense.
  2. The first person to pay the price for this is a campus cop, and the student seems to have problems.  The cops were visiting the student to do a welfare check.  So yeah.
  3. The slogan at TTU, instead of hook 'em or gig 'em or whatever, is Guns Up!  
I am glad that my remaining friends at TTU and everyone else except the cop and the kid are ok.  The kid's life is destroyed, and the cop is gone and his family is ripped apart.  But there's more freedom with heaps of guns, so there's that.

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Martin Heisler said...

One of my cardiologist's many brothers was chancellor (or is it president?) of the University of Texas system until the carry on campus (and everywhere else, I guess) law was passed and the governor and regents seemed to approve it. Failing to make a successful case for not permitting guns on any campus in Texas, he resigned and returned to his profession: pediatrician. His name: Francisco Cigarroa. It is a most remarkable family, especially in Laredo.