Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Deathrace 2018, Day 1: Ankles Go First

So, yeah, who would have bet on the first casualty of this roadtrip to be my ankle?  I slipped and sprained it on our garage steps carrying the very last load of stuff (the super-fragile stuff, of course) to the car.  Ouch.  Good thing it is my left ankle and the car is an automatic.
Yes, vitamin I (Ibuprofen), elevation, ice.  Oy.  No frisbee for me for a while... not that I was going to....

Besides that, the only other challenge was lake effect snow as we approached Buffalo.  Turns out scoffing at lake effect snow after experiencing sea of Japan effect snow might have been a mistake.  My daughter was driving that leg and handled it well.

Otherwise, it was fun to reach Ohio, back to home for four years in the mid 80s.  Our route partially converged with the route I took many times for frisbee tourneys at Ohio State, Wooster, Dennison and points south. 

The oddest sign thus far: a cheesebarn.

I taught my daughter a key driving tip: always pour out the top 10-20% of the tea/coffee/covefefe one gets along the way as they are always overly full. 

We had a great dinner at a Turkish place in NW Columbus.

Onto Indiana, Illinois and Missouri tomorrow

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