Saturday, January 6, 2018

Deathrace 2018, Day 4: Mesas, Dinosaurs, Chiles, and Eagles

Our fourth and penultimate day of driving was the most full of sights, great food, and, yes, tourism.

Our day started in Amarillo, where we went to a bakery for breakfast where I had the best French toast this side of Tokyo.  Given the proximity to Lubbock, we were not surprised that the houses looked like those in Lubbock, but the deja vu was still pretty intense.  And then there was the cadillac ranch.

On the road, we stopped at a souvenir stand/gas station.  And saw this:

Bam!  Lots of other stuff as well, including a real stuffed buffalo... only $20k

A big highlight was seeing a couple of twitter friends in Albuquerque: Kelsey Atherton and AlyMay Atherton.  We ate a great New Mexican restaurant whose green chiles woke us up.
We also discovered that jay walking--very dangerous jay walking--is a thing in Alb-q.  Folks would walk across a six lane road without much care.

The silliest part of the trip and the first real tangent off of the path, because I am an Eagles fan, was Winslow, AZ:

Which meant that the theme song today can only be:

Tomorrow: the Grand Canyon and then the roadtrip ends in LA.

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