Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Day 2 of Deathrace 2018: Funniest Signs Yet

The big surprise of day 2?  Perhaps driving through the arch!  Ok, nearly so.  When I drove around St. Louis on two of the previous trips, I didn't come close.  So, I didn't expect to see it this time, but we apparently took a different route.  It was nicely lit up by the sun.

Ohio, Indiana and Illinois were dwarfed by the most excelle signage in Missouri:
  • Uranus Fudge Factory.  Really.  
  • One advertising live video of Jesse James.  Whuck?
  • There is a chain of gas stations which, um, make Sheetz seem positively decent.

The funny thing about this drive is that Jessica gets the blowing snow each day (n of 2), and I get ... clear skies and roads.  Lucky me.  Her car has handled things well, although our vision is somewhat impaired by her piles of stuff.   We pass the time by listening to podcasts (mine involve sports, Doug Loves Movies, TV Avalanche and hers are much more political and lefty). And chatting some and listening to some music.

Anyhow, so far so good, 2/5s of the way.  Tomorrow is Oklahoma and my brother and then we return to Texas, as my daughter is a born texan!  Her Amarillo relatives have all passed, but we shall stay there anyway before we look for Walter White in Albuq the next day.

Oh, and the ankle is not happy, but we manage.  
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