Sunday, July 8, 2018

Old TV?

So, this came along on twitter:
My first thought was, yeah, I have heard that Netflix has renewed interest in Friends.
My second thought was: hey, Friends is much further away from day's kids (first run was from 1994-2004) than damn near everything I watched when I was growing up in the early to mid 70s?:
  • The Monkeys was on from 1966-68
  • Star Trek was from 1966-69
  • Hogan's Heroes, a personal fave, was from 1965-1971
  • McHale's Navy was from 1962-66
  • Gilligan's Island was 1964066
  • Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea is from 1964-1968 (I just found its first season on DVDs, so looking forward to that bit of nostalgia.
  • Dick Van Dyke was from 1961-1966.
Hmmm, I guess I didn't watch many 1950s TV shows deep into the 1970s (Mrs. Spew mentioned I love Lucy), but definitely early 1960s. To put it in some perspective, when Happy Days came out, it was closer to the 1950s than we are to when Friends came out in the mid 1990s.  Indeed, we are further away from Happy Days than the mid-70s was from the Great Depression. 

In short, we are getting old.  That whole stat of the Berlin Wall being down longer than it was up should give us a reality check, but we are much better at grasping the passage of other people's time (the history books we read and lessons we got in school) than time flying by in our lifetimes.

Why blog about this?  Because I watched way too much TV in my entire life the 1970s? That and because it helps put the passage of time in perspective.  As I am on the "wrong" side of 50, I could use that and also this bit of distraction sauce given the awful mess and regression that is 2018


Grant Neeley said...

Rat Patrol, 66-68
The Rifleman, 58-63
Bonanza, 59-73
Beverly Hillbillies, 62-71
Gunsmoke, 55-75
Tarzan, 66-68

Steve Saideman said...

of this list, I only watched Beverly Hillbillies and Gunsmoke, which both ran into 1970s.

Geez, from this list, Grant, I would have expected you to be a grunt and not a squid.