Sunday, April 28, 2019

Game of Thrones Pool of Life, Confused Edition

See below the break for spoilers, but we really won't know who lived until next week (and no preview, right?)

Well, that was much less major death than expected.  Of the characters who started in the first three or four seasons, we lost Theon and Jorah.  That's it.  Secondary or tertiary characters--Lyanna Mormont (she died well), Edd (no more watch to keep anyway), Beric Dondarrion (plum out of lives), and, oh yeah, the Night King--died.  Despite the foreshadowing from last week, Jamie and Brienne made it as well as Greyworm, Podrick, and Gendry--despite all of them facing about 45 near death experiences. 

Oh my, the infections.

So, what does this do to our game?  Well, I will make some early calls now, but they will be subject to revision as we see who really lived and died.

The big loser of this week is Wendy who lost Lyanna Mormont (Sansa and Bronn were never really in play).  Caitlin may have dodged a bullet as Greyworm seems to still be alive, but I am not sure.  Elliot and Sara are probably unchanged as I think Gilly and her kid made it through (Jon was not going to die yet--his whole parentage thing hasn't played out yet).  Art?  Depends on Missandei--didn't see her at the end of the crypt scene but I think she lived.  And I am pretty sure Drogon was the dragon that lived.  Brandon dodged the Podrick death, I think, although he, too, is in the Jamie/Brienne category.  Finally, Rob should be ok, although Sam should be dead.

Anyhow, far less change than we expected as too many people survived, given the hordes of undead at the start and then re-animated fighters.  Fun episode but with far lower stakes than expected.

However, I am glad Arya got to pull her fun move of dropping the knife from one hand to the other.  Turns out Jon was right--you just needed to talk out the Night King and the rest will crumble/fall.  It didn't matter that there were far more white walkers (who did absolutely nothing) than we had expected.

Onto King's Landing, I guess.

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