Sunday, April 21, 2019

Game of Thrones Pool of Life: Fans Served Daily

Ok, one last episode sans death and destruction, but lots of foreshadowing.  So, below, a quick revision of the guesses given the moves made today. 

Before doing so, I don't know if the larger strategy will suck, but at least the preparations are smart.  Dragon glass put into the castle walls, dragon glass on the tank traps they were building, a moat with flammable stuff, all good stuff.

Oh, and give me a knighting of Ser Brienne any day.

Anyhow, did we get hints at who would live and die?  Well, the crypts are death trap since they are filled with  .... dead people who can be brought back to life.  What does that mean?

Gilly is likely to die.  Yep, she is among the dead now, which is a bad place to be.  Brienne got her big moments this episode, so she is likely to die as well. Being in the front is not a great place to be in this war.  Bran?  He must live since Sam explained that without memory, they are all animals.  So, not looking great for Team Sara.

Lyanna is ready to fight on the front lines, and they kill kids in this show with reckless abandon, so that is not great for Wendy.  I do believe Sansa lives past the next episode since she is now very much a contender for either Queen In the North or Queen of the Seven Kingdoms.  Bronn?  I still think he is on a doomed mission, but that will not be resolved next week.

Lots of speechifying about battles survived, which might make one think that Tyrion is going to die in battle or in the crypt?  But the writers like to write for him plus he needs to live for Bronn's mission to be relevant.  Sam?  Again, he is the killer of white walkers AND the George RR Martin stand-in.  We might not see Yara again as she sails out of harm's way.  So, Rob is looking good.

Brandon's pick of Ebrose is looking like a mistake, as the Citadel is not likely to be featured again.  Podrick had one last great moment--singing is now another of his hidden skills.  With Brienne and Jamie noticing his improvements, Podrick has little time left.  Varys will stick around for the endgame.

Art is still in pretty good shape--Dany may have shown that she cares more about the throne than she does about Jon--she reacted quite poorly to the big news.  But that will not kill her soon... but later?  Missandei had a last kiss with Greyworm, so he's doomed.  She will last a while longer.

Caitlin had an interesting episode with Greyworm clearly heading to his death, but her two other characters having a moment.  Of course, the kind of moment that suggests that Gendry is going to die sooner than later.  There are enough contenders for the throne now--we don't need a Baratheon.  Ayra?  She has to live for now as she has much potential in the endgame.  So, not looking great for the player from New England.

Elliot has Jon, who will live past this battle; Cersie, who will die later; and Sam's kid, who happens to be in the place where the dead reside.  Not great.

The big thing is that the crypts were a bad place to put people if one is fighting the dead.  The strategy they are following has been pretty smart, but they forgot who they are fighting against.  Damn it.  Oh well, goodbye to the crypt-dwellers.  That little girl will not make much of a difference.

On the bright side, we will always have this:

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