Monday, April 15, 2019

Game of Thrones Pool of Life: Scene Setting Changes Little

As usual, the first episode sets the scenes and moves the chess pieces around. Not much more than that.  So, the only significant death was of a boy that we didn't really care about.  Should have realized he was dead boy walking when he was featured so much early--Chekov's casualty.

So, what did this episode mean for our game?  See my previous post today for the players and their choices.

Rob's chances are looking good.  Yara was freed and is now going to the Iron Islands, which is usually a dangerous place but relatively safe since the dead can't swim.  Of course, the white walker dragon could always pay a visit.  Anyhow, Sam and Tyrion are in Winterfell, which is not a safe place to be AND Bronn now has as his mission the assassinations of both brothers Lannister (so much for sisterly love for Jamie).  So, I would say that Yara's improved situation improves Rob's chances more than Tyrion's more dangerous predicament--Bronn might not go through with it.

Sara's chances stayed the same--Gilly and Brienne in the background only, Bran giving just a bit of info. 

Wendy's chances took a hit, as Bronn's new mission puts him in great danger.  Sansa and Lyanna are also at Winterfell, which ain't great.

Brandon's chances took a slight hit as Ebrose was not seen, and may not be seen at all this season.  Once the action gets going, will anyone care about the Citadel. I fast-forwarded through the opening credits, so I don't know if the Citadel even appeared.  Varys and Podrick are at Wintefell, which, again, is not good.

Art's chances remained the same--all at Winterfell, and his go big or go home strategy is still in play with TeamDany.

Caitlin's picks are all at Winterfell, so they face the same level of danger as pretty much everyone else.  At least Gendry and Ayra got to say hi.  I didn't quite see what Arya wants him to make, but, well, it can't be good.

Elliott's picks didn't really change much, except Jon can now ride dragons, which can either improve or hurt his chances of surviving.

So, in sum, not many changes, and we should not have expected much.  But with only six episodes this season, things have to pick up quickly.  The Battle of Winterfell is apparently episode three, and I expect it to have a big impact on the game here. 

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