Thursday, April 2, 2020

Going with the Trends: Unpopular Opinions

One thing people are doing to pass the time on facebook is to list the things they don't like but other people do.  Seems like a bloggable topic, so here we go:

UNPOPULAR OPINIONS. 10 things I dislike that most people like:
  1. Raw tomatoes--never liked them in salad, on burgers, or anywhere else.  Tomato sauce is something else entirely.
  2. Updating because I forgot my fave--I hate Montreal bagels.  They are hard, they have seeds on them (poppy or sesame) and taste burnt.  Yuck.  
  3. Tomato juice.  After my bachelor party, I got pictures of the event to help me understand what had happened, given that I didn't remember much of the night.  Nothing criminal, thankfully.  But apparently, they had me drink blood mary's.  Nope, yuck, never.  But I guess I was game after much beer and tequila.  Ok, I did break one law--don't mix your drinks.  And I paid for it.
  4. Cilantro.  I am not allergic to it, just don't like the taste.
  5. Berries.  I just never want to eat berries.  I like berry-flavored candy, but I don't like the bits of fruit themselves.
  6. Foreign films.  I am a bad intellectual as I don't like to read subtitles while watching a movie.  There are exceptions, of course.  I will see Parasite when it is available.  Shin Godzilla was most enjoyable as it was really more about dysfunctional Japanese policy-making than Godzilla.
  7. Reality tv shows.  I did watch a season or two of Survivor since I had serious FOMO as it was being discussed by my friends.
  8. Hockey.  Ok, I don't hate it, but I don't like it either.  And I live in Canada.  
  9. Skating.  I have bad ankles, never learned to be competent.  Skiing is one thing, skating is something else.  Again, makes me a bad Canadian. Surprised that they let me become a citizen.
  10. Exercise.  I like playing sports, but I don't like any form of exercise that is exercise for the sake of exercise--jogging, lifting weights, etc.  That is why I bike--it allows me to see different stuff and do something that is fun and does not feel like exercise.  How am I exercising through the pandemic?  So far, mostly using the treadmill while watching Clone Wars.  
  11. Impressionism.  Give me either Flemish landscapes or funky modern art.  I have never liked the impressionist stuff.  Blech. 

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