Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Lessons

This is why I got a snow rake:

A few lessons for those of you who are getting unfamiliar white stuff from one who has seen plenty over the past nine years:
  1. You probably don't have to remove snow from the roof at all.  Unless you got alot (a foot or more), your roof, if it is in decent shape, can take it.  That is, unless you expect an ice storm or a rain/freeze situation to turn the snow into a much heavier problem.
  2. Try to remove as much snow without getting on the roof.  If you poke at the snow at the edge, much may fall a la an avalanche: better to be hit by falling snow when is on the ground than the roof.  
  3. If you must go on the roof, try to climb to a peak, so that you can put your weight on both sides of the roof, and then push the snow down.  Starting at the edge of the roof is asking for what this guy experienced.
  4. Take your time.  I damn near had a heart attack pushing snow off of my roof a couple years ago when we had about 18 inches of snow up there.  
Good luck with the snow.  For you Southerners, be patient.  It will melt. Up here in Canada, melting may not occur until April.

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