Sunday, January 30, 2011

Tips to Dissidents

Abu Muqawama, who has a great blog and is interesting to follow on twitter, combines very sensible and sharp analyses with some humor at times.  So, his reaction to Egypt's events of the past few days: to post a video teaching these folks how to throw well.  Apparently, their rock-throwing needs some work.  The video focuses on the crow-hop--footwork--that I had never heard called that before. 

But I have to wonder is this wise?  That is, to focus on footwork, as most bad throwing involves pushing the ball (the outdated but still not entirely inaccurate phrase--throwing like a girl) rather than throwing it with your upper arm almost parallel to to the ground and the lower arm about vertical.  Reminds me of skiing at Smugglers Notch many Thursdays and getting the same lesson (we had a badge that got us half price lessons and tickets), and the lesson was always about pole-planting, which is important, but I needed help with footwork.

Anyway, good to see that baseball can be useful for facilitating unrest.

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