Monday, January 17, 2011

Brain Overload

Ironically, one of the best discussions of too much information (not the TMI of personal info) during battle is in World War Z, where the Battle of Yonkers* turns into a catastrophe in part because the soldiers are too well linked to each other and to the commanders.  In this NYT piece, we see that the US military gets this, at least a bit, so they are funding research to figure out how to manage the too much information problem. This generation does, indeed, multi-task, but there is a limit.

Perhaps they should study the online poker players who play 20 different games at a time.

* Isn't it good to know there is a wiki just for Zombie info.  Talk about preparedness!  Of course, such sites would only be helpful for so long as the electrical grid is likely to crash in a z-pocalypse.

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