Monday, November 28, 2011

Political Science: The Store (cont)

The other day I briefly pondered what a Political Science Store would looklike, after hearing about Anthropologie--a national chain of clothing stores. 

I received a bunch of ideas via facebook, twitter, and the blog, so I had to come up with different sections of the store:
  • Used:  
    • Tables (mostly in 2x2 dimensions);
    • old Prisoner Dilemmas; 
    • Linear Regressions with several assumptions already violated; 
    • Political Culture arguments that come with "Racism Within" warning tags; 
    • Old Wine in New Bottles;
  • Canadian goods: 
    • Crowns;
    • a barren shelf labeled Oversight;
    • lots of oui's and non's at a steep discount;
  • Comparative Politics
    • a bin full of apples, oranges and frisbees; 
    • one bowling ball; 
    • checks and balances; 
  • Policy: except for some windows, this section is mostly empty.
  • International Relations
    • Heaps of Images and Levels, some games with multiple levels; 
    • some play-doh (it is what you make of it);
    • international organization kits--most require consensus to be added;
    • a random collection of alliances--but be warned they bind both more and less than expected;
    • War: there are less than there used to be, but still not entirely out of style.
  • Saideman's Spew Sauces: Ignorance, Perspective, Denial, Secret, Distraction, Awesome.  I am thinking of adding sarcasm sauce to the collection, but seven is an odd number.  I will have to figure out another one so that we can get to an eight-pack.
More suggestions appreciated.


DVB said...

I think you need a post-structuralist verbage mixer, with random suffix attachmentator, Noun to verb commutationator, polysyllabiciser, Semicolon splices and extra conjunctions

Anonymous said...

Bouncy Castle: Kafka reference appealing to the consumer's soul!

Anonymous said...

In the board games section, Risk: Clash of Civilizations version.