Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Twitter Fight Club, Round 3: 12 vs 1

I survived round two of Twitter Fight Club.  Once again, I lost on the popular vote but was close enough that winning the judges support put me over the top.  Am I disturbed by the parallels between my performance here and George W. Bush's electoral college triumph over the popular vote in 2000?  Um, yeah, but so what? I won, I won?  I get to go to the Sweet 16. 

Appropriately, as I go further into Twitter Fight Club, the competition gets tougher and tougher.  I now face Spencer Ackerman or @attackerman.  He has more than 18,000 followers (twelve times as many as I do) on twitter, and he posts at a very prominent web-column at Wired: the Danger Room.  Which means I cannot even use "Danger is my middle name" line.  Given his reputation at being, well, a bit pugnacious, I cannot depend on him sleeping through the competition like my last adversary.  Even if he does, he probably tweets in his sleep (yes, this guy tweets more than I do--hard to believe but true).  His current avatar is Charlton Heston as Moses.  So, let's set expectations on my winning tomorrow on low

So, what are my strengths vis-a-vis Ackerman?  Well, the idea of strengths always reminds me of the fake Mad-Eye Moody asking Harry Potter about his strengths.  Harry says: I don't have any; Fake Moody says "If I say you have strengths, you have strengths."  But alas, I cannot fly a broom nearly as well as Harry Potter, so what are my strengths.  Well, compared to Ackerma:

Hmmm, what else?  Well, being the rookie in this competition,  12th seed against a 1st seed, I have gumption, grit, and what else?

Ok, spunk is perhaps undervalued.  One player in the tournament suggested that I model myself after the Fantastic Four who faced the planet destroyer Galactus and beat him.

Unfortunately, this movie sucked, and I don't know how I can expect to change the mind of the Silver Surfer so that he can help me out.  Plus Jessica Alba is better when she is not blond.

Ok, I think I have figured out my strengths relative to my opponent tomorrow: content-free since 2003?  Can silly surpass swagger?  Tune into tomorrow to find out.  Oh, and vote for me, damn it!

PS  I hope the voters don't mind wasting heaps of minutes watching the videos I post.

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Good luck!