Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Twitter-gedon Approaches

Tomorrow is my first (and perhaps only) day of competition in Twitter Fight Club.  As I mentioned before, #tfc12 is a competition among folks who tweet on national security issues.  So, despite a class to teach, some re-grading to do, and other obligations (plus commuting), I plan to be on twitter as much as usual (which is way too much), offering wild speculation, ill-informed opinions, snark, and unsolicited or barely solicited academic advice.  Oh, and thinking of how Harry Potter would win this competition but only after the death of nearly everyone who helps him.

The voting will open at 9am and will be found linked to this page.  Vote for me early and often.  Oh, and check out the folks who are involved--lots of top notch folks who are most interesting to follow on twitter.  I have learned heaps even in the past few days as I have followed people I did not know before.

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