Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Over-Thinking the Wire, part four

So, we are down to four: Omar, Bubbles, Prezbo, Stringer Bell.  Such a great show to have four very different  characters: a very violent Robin Hood, an addicted that finally made some progress; a failure as a cop, learning how to teach; and a drug dealer who advances too far in both the old world and the new. 
  • Omar vs Bubbles: Who is the better character?  A great character?  Tough, tough call, as Omar was able to convey and articulate so much as a violent actor, playing the game to his own rules.  Bubbles--so much tragedy which makes his few victories in the last season so powerful.  And both characters added much humor.  I think Bubbles proved to be the more complex character, causing revulsion and then admiration.  Omar was always entertaining, and we felt for him, but we never rooted for him to escape.  Bubbles by a nose.
  • Prezbo vs Stringer: Stringer because he was so conscious in trying to change himself and the folks around him.  Prezbo's evolution was more by accident, although far more successful.  Another very tough call, but Stringer's effort to bring globalization of production to Baltimore's drug trade wins out.

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