Monday, July 30, 2012

Best Names for Voter Restriction Efforts

The New York Times has an editorial today entitled "Killing a Fly with a Bazooka" about the efforts by Republicans to "tilt the playing field."  I am now having a contest here at the Spew for the best names for this effort.  I don't think Voter Suppression is good enough.  Here are my suggestions:
  • Voter Fraud Fraud
  • The Disenfranchise Movement
  • Repealing the Voting Rights Act One State at a Time
  • Election Wars Six: Revenge of the GOP
  • White Man Can't Jump 2: Tilting the Basketball Court
I prefer the first two (easiest acronyms) but the third does have some charm.

What do you suggestion?  Or Prefer?

1 comment:

FSJL said...

Voter Fraud Fraud has my vote, though the fifth, frankly, has some charm.