Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Breaking Bad Help!

The really important question of the week is not really Syria (joking, of course) but what was the meaning of the opening?  In an interview in Entertainment Weekly, Bryan Cranston says: "There are five distinct changes that the audience will be wondering about, and yet it will all pay off." I consider the possibilities below the break but need your help:

  1. Walter White has hair.
  2. Walter White is not in Albq. with a Vermont driver's license. Update: The Denny's does appear to be in Albq.  My bad.
  3. Walter White needs a machine gun.
  4. Walter White does not eat his breakfast!
  5. Walter White takes some meds.
  6. Walter White is 52.

Is that the list?  What am I missing?  Some of these have more obvious potential payoffs than others.
A)  Having hair means that he is done with chemo, which I guess we already knew, but that he was returning to a more normal appearance.  Sort of, as the early Walter White did not have a beard.
B) Being far from Albq suggests he is very much on the run.  If he wanted a gun, he could have gone to Texas.  One of my FB friends noted that Walt made a big deal of himself at the restaurant, seeming to want to make it clear he was there at that time (big tip, talking to the waitress, the bacon 52, etc.)
C) Needing a machine gun?  Given that Mr. White has frequently made his own explosives and chemical weapons, this is most striking.  Has he alienated so many people that he must defend against a mob?  A machine gun is not a finesse weapon but is for killing large numbers of opponents quickly.  So, this is, sorry, most striking.
D) Not hungry?  Maybe he is sick again.
E) Meds?  Maybe he is sick again.
F) A year has passed and he is still alive for now.

Let me know what I have missed and add your own wild speculation.

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Chip said...

Also - fake name, switching cars with weapons in trunk with keys delivered to him, so maybe part of some underground network. Maybe he's head of his own cartel? Or the old cartel (or whatever is left of it) and/or Gus's guys are after him? What I wanna know is where's Jesse? (BTW new hampshire not vermont) And more importantly, what ever happened to the baby in Lost??