Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Overthinking the Cupcake

Halloween Cupcake at Busch Gardens!
This piece applies a heap of pop social science to the cupcake phenomenon.  I, too, have pondered how can such a frivolous enterprise, a cupcake store, stay in business.  But then I realized: Cinnabon.  Talk about food that is indulgent yet popular.

So, I have a different theory about cupcakes that requires no social science at all: when done right, they are darned tasty.  Indeed, Magnolia's in NYC is just a semi-religious experience as the food (cupcakes and cookies) are just super-tasty.  Perhaps cupcakes also have special status because they remind us of being a kid--getting the frosting all over our face as we eat the sweet goodness.

All I know is that my birthday is approaching and all I want for that day, besides some beer and friendship, are some CUPCAKES!

Update: The funny thing is that today we learned that Cinnabon is the first American business to open up in Libya! So, sweet addiction to fat and sugar is hardly American.  Perhaps Magnolia will be next?

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