Sunday, July 1, 2012

Oh, Canada!

We did a quick jaunt over to the local Canada Day festivities.  If we had a small child, it would have been a blast.  Our teenager might have enjoyed it since there were a heap of teen folks floating around.  For us, we got our burgers, our funnel cake (and, due to the delayed delivery of said funnel cake, we got a sample of their fried cheesecake), and then skedaddled.  We will watch the fireworks from our house as our cat, already nervous from the move, might flip out alone.

Anyhow, today is a great day to marvel at the joy that is Canada for an immigrant like myself.  The Canada Day festivities here in suburban Ottawa were multicultural with halal food offerings plus the aforementioned semi-dangerous food.  I already feel pretty comfortable in Ottawa, having fun conversations with various strangers, and getting heaps of friendly service at various shops.  A country that has both this semi-English friendliness and the wacky dynamism that is Montreal is very special indeed.

I could enumerate all that Canada has given me over the past ten years (not to mention Michael J. Fox and other entertainers), but I am all listed out.  Perhaps next Canada Day.

Anyhow, mucho thanks and appreciation for a country that is often overlooked because it so very reliable and helpful.

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