Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hardball, Part 2

Attack the candidates and the campaign?  Sure.  Going after nominees because they sent their kids to summer camps that were once founded by left-wing Jews? Please. 

As a veteran of many summers at a Jewish camp, I can say that politics/ideology was never on the daily schedule nor did it make much of an appearance besides the token pro-Israel moment or two.  What did we learn from the Israeli counselors (there were Brits as well)?  Mostly that Israelis drive pretty aggressively: "what is this thing you call the break?"

What did we do all summer? Play sports, think about the girls at the girls camp, make a few crafts (rarely did our stuff approach art), prep for meeting the girls from the girls camp, hike nearby (including near Camp David), chase the girls from the girls camp, go on a few trips to do some white water rafting or rock climbing, ponder why the chase failed, swim during the hot Maryland summer, think more about the girls at the girls camp, maybe participate in a play (especially if it meant interacting with the girls from the girls camp), play capture the flag (maybe that is where some politics was smuggled in), and go to bed.  Occasionally, bedtime would be delayed if folks wanted to play Star Wars with their flashlights.

So, in sum, this kind of attack is just silly and possibly anti-semitic, as tying Jews to Communism is an old, old trick.  Yes, some Commies were Jews, and some Jews were commies, but the circles do not exactly overlap. 

As they say at camp: oy.

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