Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christie Does Better Than Media

Christie called out the GOP in Congress.

Just stunning.  He does not blame Washington--he blames the Republicans in the House of Representatives.  The rant is fact-filled (NY, NJ as donors of federal funding, rates of response) and persuasive, but, of course, I am easily persuaded by this kind of argument. 

Still, oh my.  So, to be straight, this Congress denied aid to Hurricane victims AND killed the Violence Against Women Act.

The GOP in the House clearly prioritize opposing everything and being the mean-spirited party.  Good times.

"We have jobs to do ... for the people that sent you there."  Indeed.

"Unlike people in Congress, we [Christie and Cuomo] have responsibilities ...."

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Mrs. Spew said...

Christie's still a slimeball who threw NJ poor and healthcare under the bus, was anti-gay rights, cost the state millions in killing the new tunnel and other job and economy positive projects, and ripped off the state treasury, but if he wants to place himself as people's champion to get Sandy aid and re-election, then at least NJ finally gets something out of it. Let him take the Tea Party on in the civil war in the Republican Party. Now that he finally finds it politically expedient to do so.