Thursday, January 17, 2013

What is Wrong with Ottawa?

To be specific, what is wrong with Ottawa football teams?  First, the old Canadian Football League had two teams, including Ottawa's, named the Roughriders.  Really.  One eight-team league, two teams with the same name.*

*Yes, South Park played with this as well.

I don't know what happened old Ottawa Roughriders, but they are gone.  Now, there will be a new Ottawa CFL team.  And the name?  It is likely to be The Red Blacks.  Yes, really.  Apparently they cannot go back to Roughriders since the remaining RR franchise now has a veto on a new team's name, so the old colors instead?

What is it about Ottawa that produces entirely unimaginative names for their football franchise?  Again, Red Blacks?

This inability to give an Ottawa football team a decent name approaches bags of milk as the least sensible/most confusing aspect of Canadian life. 

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Anonymous said...

in ottawa's defence, the original rough riders team was around for 34 years before the saskatchewan team decided to call itself the roughriders (without a space!).