Monday, January 14, 2013


Yep, Marvel is going with a version of the X-Men that has only female leads.  This would be swell and interesting if not for a few things:
  1. I hate re-launches.  If the writers wrote themselves into a corner, then write themselves out of it.  If nothing is ever at stake because everything is re-launched again and again, well, who cares who lives/dies/romances/whatever.
  2. Seems like an excuse to have just another X-book per month so that sales go up.  I stopped collecting 17 years ago precisely because I didn't want to pay a heap of dollars every month to follow one group (X) or hero (Spidey) if the tales required six books per month to tell.  
  3. If they were handing over the comic to a female creator, that would be kind of cool.  But not, just a male with female characters.  The drawing of the cover makes me feel a bit more optimistic since it is a bit less boob-a-licious than many comic book covers that feature female body parts more than female stories.
But that might change once they start fighting.  To be clear, I was quite the Kitty Pryde fan, and Like Rogue and Storm (depending on how they are characterized), so this would be cool if done well.  I am just suspicious and pessimistic.

Ah well, someone buy these and let me know how it turns out.

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