Thursday, January 17, 2013

Over-Confidence Will Be Your Un-Doing

I am mighty miffed right now about a 21st century problem that really should not be that big of a deal.  I almost could not check out of the grocery store this evening because my credit cards with chips were not working well.  A new policy means that the store cannot swipe the magnetic strip (why have one anymore if you are not going to use it?).  I had to resort to my debit card, which I don't like to use for groceries. 

What frustrates me is that the chips in the cards have yet to reach any level of reliability that would make me think that they should be REQUIRED for a purchase.  I have two cards with chips, one has never worked and the second one worked until today (although it could be the new chip readers at the store).  So, I get to call the card companies and get new cards,  and we shall see how long the new chips last.

Just very frustrating that the banks are overly hopeful that their technology works so well that they eliminate flexibility/discretion.  I almost left a cart full of groceries at the store--which would have done the bank and the store no favors. 

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